BAILEY’S TEAM was first introduced shortly after Bailey was diagnosed with autism when our family became involved in the first Walk F.A.R. for NAAR* fundraiser in Brighton [MA] in September of 2001. [*F.A.R. stands for “Families for Autism Research;”  NAAR represents the National Alliance for Autism Research.]

Although we were still numb from receiving this life-changing news about our son, we quickly informed our family and friends of Bailey’s diagnosis and asked for their support and participation in an upcoming walkathon… resulting in the birth of BAILEY’S TEAM.
This event allowed us to meet other families like ours also seeking help and support and we were able to rally with them to survive this devastating disorder.

Ever since that wonderful event that introduced us to a brand new and very special community, BAILEY’S TEAM has gone on to raise over $800,000 for autism research, awareness & programming. We began by dedicating ourselves primarily to raise money to fund research to find the causes, treatments, preventions and possibly someday a cure for autism spectrum disorders. We then slowly followed the mission of NAAR and subsequently Autism Speaks in an effort to also raise awareness and educate our communities about our children with autism and the desperate need to value and support them.

In 2008 we expanded our mission… to also support organizations that fund and or provide direct services to those living with autism to see that our children get the help they need every day; and in 2010, we introduced our first education series to educate families, educators and other professionals about individuals with autism and how we can all help to make their lives better.

We hope you will join our team!
Spencer, Sammi, Rachel, Doug and Bailey Robertson
Sammi Robertson,  President  
Douglas Robertson, Vice President - Visual Creations, Inc.  
  Dan Joyce, Treasurer - Bright Horizons Family Solutions   
Amy Tonkonogy, Clerk/Funding Coordinator - WGBH Educational Foundation 
Thomas Buckley - Foxborough Fire & Rescue  
Sheila Burgess - Special Education Consultant
Anthony Calcia - Hockomock Area YMCA  
Danielle Desrosiers - Licensed Massage Therapist
Beth Jerskey - May Center for Evaluation & Treatment
Amy Laurent - University of Rhode Island
Julie O'Brien - MGH for Children, Lurie Center for Autism
Irwin & Roberta Chafetz  
Stephen Shore

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