Mission Statement:
We are a regional funding source for organizations that support individuals living with autism and their families.  Our focus of funding is on education and training, services and programming, recreation, research, awareness and family support.
BAILEY’S TEAM is helping to put the pieces together!
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Vision Statement:
We strive to make a positive impact on individuals living with autism and their families with a focus on research, education & programming.
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Core Values:
We are guided by the following principals:
It is important that as a Board and as an organization, we are transparent and that all information is available to our supporters and grant applicants relative to where our funds are spent.  All allocations and processes are disclosed upon request.
The quality of our work and those of the projects we fund are both held to a high standard of excellence. 
We are accountable for the decisions made both as a board and also individually as members of Bailey’s Team.  We support the autism community and we thoughtfully stand by our principles through both our fundraising and our funding processes. 
We fund a variety of initiatives that represent a balance of project types and areas of expertise including research, education, programming & family support.  We also support projects that serve individuals on the autism spectrum – mild to severe, from infancy to elderly; and from different geographical areas.
We do our best to remain accessible to the autism community and all of Bailey’s Team.  We serve as a resource in the community in an effort to direct those in need for support.  We are responsive and available to participate in projects relevant to our mission.
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